John S. Eberhardt III
Chief Technology Officer

John is the Chief Technology Officer ATA, LLC. As CTO, he is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company. Functional responsibilities include design and implementation of technical infrastructure and development processes, providing technical direction, providing technical team development, research and development direction, and providing project management and oversight to special projects. John has 20 years of experience in Data Science and Analytics, managing teams of scientists and engineers to rapidly create customer-centered analytical solutions.

John has developed over 20 analytical solutions in clinical decision support, cyber security, molecular diagnostics, risk management, and product marketing including award winning healthcare quality applications.

With one patent and five patent applications in process and over 45 publications and speaking engagements, John is a thought leader in advanced analytics with experience in machine learning, statistical algorithms, and user interface design for decision support in Security, Healthcare, Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Consumer Products.