W. Scott Berg
President &
Chief Operating Officer

Scott is a successful leader, investor, and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the complex development and deployment of advanced technology programs within the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and a variety of Fortune 100 companies.

Scott co-founded ATA, LLC, in 2008 with a focus on applying advanced analytics to hard targets, and has successfully grown the company from a small consultancy to mature robust deliverables-based company with dozens of clients focused in Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning. Scott also founded a private equity group focused on investing in early stage companies in technology based out of McLean, VA, with 13 companies in its portfolio and three exits since it started 2014. He also founded an asset management company to facilitate the rapid deployment of capital for efficient business operations in 2015. Applying his expertise in early stage companies and advanced analytics, he co-founded a product company that employs blockchain technology to secure global supply chains for Fortune 500 companies, with major verticals in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and military logistics.

Scott is the President and Chief Operating Officer of ATA. In this capacity, he provides the leadership required to keep the company running as efficiently as possible, with active engagement in business development, program management, professional development, and governance and compliance reporting. Scott has expertise in enterprise IT, blockchain technologies, advanced analytics including AI and Machine Learning, business process engineering, logistics, risk management, and cyber security. He has supported numerous customers in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community, including the development of an R&D initiative into a Program of Record that services over 20,000 global users on the nation’s most secure IT infrastructure.

Scott is also an accomplished Naval Aviator, with three combat tours over Iraq and Afghanistan, earning him three air medals over 71 combat sorties, 460 carrier arrested landings in the single seat F/A-18E and as the pilot in command for the S-3B. He was awarded Pilot of the Year in 2003, served at DARPA for the development of elements of the Joint Strike Fighter, and qualified as both an Instructor Pilot and Weapons and Tactics Instructor, retiring as a Lieutenant Commander in 2007.

Scott received his B.A. from the Woodrow Wilson School of Politics at the University of Virginia in International Affairs, and his MBA from Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia with a focus on venture capital and entrepreneurship.